B&g offers environmental education adapted to the company, which for instance implies:

The environmental issue has changed!
The environmental work has for Swedish companies been changing rapidly in the last years. Environmental demands are now directed towards the company's own product and its contents, in a "cradle to the grave" perspective where there earlier were demands only from the authorities.

The customers environmental knowledge has together with a increasing eco labelling also increased the pressure from clients and concurrents, but the demands also come from investors, banks, employees and, last but not least, the environmental work is often noticed in the media.

The environmental work becomes for many companies an important part of the company's strategic objective. This rapid change in the companies environmental work can be seen in the increasing certification work (ISO 14 000 and EMAS) which has started in large parts of the industry.

Why environmental work?
Today the environmental work for many companies has an economical motive.
With active environmental work new shares of the market can be won and /or already won be defended. Effective environmental work bring about reduced consumption of resources in form of energy and material, which can give rise to increased profitability.

This whole development make new demands upon the company's internal environmental work and competence. This also demands that all employees in the company have some knowledge of the environmental issues which creates the necessary participation in the company's environmental work.

An environmental competence adapted to the company implies for example:

- knowledge in a wide perspective about the threats to the environment and the strategic importance of the environmental issue today.

- knowledge of the environmental threats associated with the company and the trade's peculiarities.

- knowledge of certification and different environmental managementsystems, (for example ISO 14 000 and EMAS).
-knowledge of different tools for production adapted to the environment, as for example LCA and eco labelling.