...is a textbook about environmental knowledge with the 21th century near at hand. The book is published as a textbook for senior high school, broad enough to be used at all programs and advanced enough to be used in the last grade at the natural science programme in the subject "environmental knowledge". The book is also useful for Komvux, and also as a basic resource for environmental education within companies and townships.
The book contains the following chapters:

1. History of the environment
2. Ecology and thermodynamics
3. Pollutants
4. Metals in the environment
5. Air-pollution and the environment
6. Eutrophication of seas and lakes.
7. Global climate changes
8. Depletion of the ozone layer in the stratosphere
9. Energy and the environment
10. Biological multiplicity
The books intention is to give structure and background to the environmental issues of today, with emphasis at the concrete threats to the environment we are facing today. Knowledge of the threats to the environment is the basis for the environmental work and creates the necessary motive power and comprehensive view which are necessary in a successful environmental work.

The book (with approximately about 190 pages), was written by Nils Brandt and Fredrik Gröndahl, both from b&g, and Lars Ljunggren. It was published by Natur och Kultur n 1996.

The book can be ordered either at Natur och Kultur
(ph. 08-453 85 00) or through the local bookstore.