The purpose with the Eco-Workplace analysis is to show the employee's personal environmental influence but also the department's and the whole company's environmental influence (which constitutes of the sum of all the employee's influences.) The Eco-Workplace analysis leads to that you compare your own environmental influence with other companies or employees that perform the same work tasks.
The Eco-Workplace analysis shows one year's consumption of nature resources. It also shows how much ecologically harmful discharges and waste the person produces in his or her work. To get information about what activities that cause the biggest environmental influence you also get an analys which shows the influence in five different areas.
The five areas that are being handled are: Business travelling, commuting between work and home, office equipment, office supplies and office premises.

Information about these areas is given by letting the employees answer a questionnaire via the Internet and in that way create their own personal environment-inventory in their work.

The completed questionnaires are processed against an exstensive database with help from a so-called life-cycle inventory methodology.
Life cycle-methodology pays regard to the environmental impact from a "from the cradle to the grave" perspective and gives therefore a general picture of a product's or service's influence on the environment.

In this developmental work, b&g ab is co-operating with an American company, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), which is world-leading in the area. They have a lot of experience of this type of methodology connected with eco labelling of products (Type III labelling or environmental description of goods)

The result is that each employee gets a profile where take outs of resources and environmental impacts is shown in a pedalogical simple way, on the same time every employee gets a schedule over the five most important areas and their influences on the eco profile.

The eco-workplace analys leads to give one a better knowledge of seeing what is important to affect, and on the same time you can compare your own influence with outher employees within the department or the company.

By measuring the use of resources and putting a finger on the big and important eco problems in an organisation, the eco-workplace analysis can easily be connected to the economical profit.
For example reduced energy costs, fuel costs and costs for travels in business.

Personal Eco-Workplace analysis

The personal eco-workplace analysis is a tool for:
  • Measuring the environmental impact at service producing companys, municipalities and state authorities.

  • Work as a personal and pedalogical tool for employees, departments and offices common environmental work and environmental strategic decisions.

  • Work as a support for an environmental management system by generating key numbers and valueable environmental statistics, it can measure permanent improvments in an organisation.
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