Study book:
The environmental work in NCC - our common responsibility.

Nybyggarna is a study- and information- material which b&g has made for and in corporation with the NCC-concern and its different business areas. The book has about 100 pages, and the 13 000 printed copies will be distributed during the environmental education the NCC-concern carry through for their whole personnel during 1996-98.

B&g has been responsible for both manuals and supervisor-education in this basic education., which also means that b&g has carried through a large number of educations in the concern and its different business areas with personnel with different positions.
The books chapters have the following contents:

1. Why education in environmental issues?

2. The building trade- a large user of resources

3. The environmental issues have changed!

4. Today's threats to the environment
- The greenhouse effect
- Ozone depletion
- Close-to ground ozone
- Overfertilizing
- Acidification of forests and ground
- Physical influence within agriculture and forestry
- Losses of biological diversity
- Organic pollutants
- Metals

5. How can the threats to the environment decrease?
- Basis of a long-term environmental work!
- The environmental work presupposes a comprehensive view!
- The environmental work of the society has changed!
- The environmental work of the industries and companies is rapidly changing!
- The environmental work within the building trade!

6. NCCs own environmental work
- NCCs different business areas presents aims and plans of action.

7. Your own habits and environmental work is just as important.

8. What can you do at work?
To the book there is OH-materiel in monochrome which can be used in environmental knowledge-education.
The book was published by b&g, in January 1997.
Nils Brandt and Fredrik Gröndahl from b&g are the authors.
Björn Eriksson is responsible for the graphic representation and Agneta Lilja is responsible for cover and illustrations.