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Environmental information on the Internet
Agenda 21
Environmental management and certification
Eco Labelling
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The Environment Code! Welcome to the Environment Code Education!
Here you can find information about the regulations in the environment code. We also inform about the education we arrange on mission from the government.

Welcome to New Science! - Forskningsrådsnämnden (FRN)
New Science is a homepage which contains popular science news about research and links to more knowledge on the web.

Green keynumbers to a sustainable Sweden.

Environmental information on the Internet

Sweden environmental sites
Current swedish environmental links, searchable

Environmental Sites on the Internet,
KTH, Industrial environmental protection.
Link database for environmental information on the Internet, searchable.

The Swedish Environmental Net:
Information about Sweden' environment and the environmental job within swedish authorities, companies and non-profit-making associations.

The Swedish National Environment Protection Board
Knowledge about the environmental threats!

Sustainable Sweden, the Environment Departement

International environmental information
International Institute for Sustainable Development,
Links about the international environmental job, e.g. climate changes, biological multiplicity etc.

The Chemical Inspection
Here you find the information you need about chemicals, its dangerousness and areas of use.

The Riksdag's public Rixlex

The Swedish Nature Protection Association

CPM, Centre for Environmental Assessment of Product and Material Systems, Chalmers University of Technology

Producer's responsibility
REPA is the industrial life's solution to the law about producer's responsibility in force packages.

The Packages Collection


Stockholm Agenda21
Here you can among other things test your family's eco-analysis.

The Environmental Test
Do you belong to the Sensible's or the Fossile's - test yourself.

Test your home's consumption of energy!

Environmental management and certification

The Environmental Management Council

Environmental management in small companies

What is the ISO 14000?


Environmental certificated swedish companies

Environmental accounts;
Here you find environmental accounts from swedish companies.


Computers and the environment

The Nordic Swan
SIS Eco-labelling


Justice labelled

Eco-labelling TYPE III, Environmental informative labels

Newspapers and News

The Eco-Letter
Environmental news on the Internet

News letter:


Dagens Industri

Svenska Dagbladet


Listen to the sport of the day

Listen to the news of the day

Co-operation partners

CMA Comedia,
System solutions on the Web.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)
Oakland, California, specialists in life-cycle processes.

The Foundation Keep Sweden Clean
Environmental education


Everything about Stockholm: