B&g is a company which offer environmental education and counselling, first of all to industry and economic sector but also to municipalities.

Our fundamental business-idea is offering environmental education adapted to the company, directed to different needs of the company's employees.

B&g can offer:
  • Lectures, course activities, and information adapted to the company and material for the studies, with basis in the company's requirements.

  • Introductory analysis and inventory to see the company's requirements in the environmental area department, from environmental education to environmental management. Analysis and inventory leads to recommendations and action-alternatives, depending on level of ambition.

  • personal eco-workplace analysis as a tool in the company's environmental work
We have also produced a textbook in environmental knowledge, Som man sår..., at Natur och Kultur, 1996, for the last grades in senior high school, and which works well for education in general environmental knowledge in companies and municipalities.

B&g is carried on by Nils Brandt and Fredrik Gröndahl. We are also working as teachers in ecology and environmental effects at KTH, where we teach technological students. Nils Brandt is chemist/biologist and Fredrik Gröndahl has disputed in marine-biology.


Fredrik Gröndahl
Pinneberget 32B, 450 34 Fiskebäckskil
tel+46 523 220 90,+ 46 523 20 300
mobile +46 70 636 31 50
email: fgro@kth.se

Nils Brandt
Henriksbergsvägen 77, 136 67 Haninge
tel/fax:+ 46 8 741 13 12,+ 46 8 777 82 50
mobile +46 70 667 68 00
e-mail: nils.brandt@bog.se